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The Deltas

Animal House.The Deltas (the worst house on campus)

Cliche: to stereotype; an expression or idea that has become trite [worn out by constant use no longer having originality]



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“That boy is a P-I-G, PIG!”

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 Metaphor: a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied to another. 


"Mr. point zero..."

"Mr. point zero..."


Functionthe purpose of a metaphor is to state something as something; an alternative description to add oomph and visual representation. 

Importance: a metaphor gives a picture to what is being said; an expression that relates and combines two visual aids into one statement.

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A.a.A. {Analyze an Ad}

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John Galliano

John Galliano


What makes an ad successful? 

            The advertisement catches the target audiences’ eye by intrigue, satisfaction, encouragement, inspiration, and relating the product to the audience through a surface message.

Focal point/Center of Interest: 

            In this particular advertisement, the focal point and center of interest is fashion.  A young woman is lounging effortlessly on a sofa (placed strategically across the composition), ready to enjoy her day in her ever best designer clothing.  Vintage inspired, fun, stylish, unique, and colorful.  Qualities such as these that reign in the fashionable world, promoting the choice of dress  for day to day wear with confidence. 

How does the ad utilize elements & principles of design to convey meaning?

          Red is the dominating color in this advertisement.  The dark and rich, saturated shades and tints of the array and bold colors are the foundational elements that unify and harmonize the theme the designer wanted to portray to the viewers.  This ad conveys symmetrical balance within the space. By placing the woman proportionally on the couch across the bottom of the composition, the different textures, lines and shapes of the material the clothing and space possesses, form rhythm with the repetition of warm, cool, and neutral colors. 


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New: Digital Technologies: How close is digital art relating to & impacting the different aspects of our western culture?

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Our western culture is everchanging and everadapting to its new surroundings, innovations, concepts, and ideals. The thought of digital technology does break a phase of hands-on, literal, and actual form in space.  Aspects of western culture are affected by digital art due to the fact that any aspect, whether it be politcal, scientific, commercial, people or nature, all can in fact be, manipulated subjects.  Digital art has a specific and unique way of broadening the path of tools used to make artistic images.  It can be beneficial as it visually stimulates multiple ideas into a unified composition or unveils an underlying theme that forces the viewer to dig deeper.  I think in a lot of ways digital art has an outstanding availibility for artists to build upon and demonstrate different aspects of western culture by challenging not only the artists’ minds but also the public to see exactly what our culture is like and is.  Whether or not an image created using digital art as a tool is a true original, the characteristics of the medium are versatile; where boundaries and minds are stretched dramatically.  The creativity of the artist is presented and individually adhered to their own opinion as well as the sight of what they and others realize to understand.  The continuous use of digital art in artwork is constantly revealing the meaning of cultures intertwined and separately apart from one another; bringing forth the nature of the world and of western culture itself.

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Digital art-project 1 Sheet1

*.*.*Creating this specific piece of work, it was difficult for me to transfer my ideas and thoughts into a digital image; not only I am not advanced in such ways of  artistic technology but not being able to mold it from my hands, was a challenge.  Overall, I thought the challenge heightened and expanded my sense of how to create artwork with a medium I was not familiar with.  I used Google to search and pinpoint images, specifically, three different photos of peonies, and used Excel to strategically place them and add oomph using different aesthetic techniques and color mixtures.  To begin a project like this, I thought the easiest approach to get my idea across was referenced above.  I enjoyed trying to solve what I saw as a problem in the beginning but found yet another discovered path that will benefit and free me as an artist.*.*.*

Dated: 26. august .2009

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jolapola (snazzy)

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* jolapola: any snazzy item(s) of interest.funny-pictures-squirrel-wants-cheese

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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